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Jatie Vlogs

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    What do you guys think of the new Jatie House?
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    1. Bella Ward

      I am so glad that u guys didn’t break up x

    2. HeyitsTay Marie

      Next month it better be Katie and josh saying “WERE PREGNANT”

    3. Kaylee Morris

      What the heck though I was actually so annoyed because you guys were so cute but I should have known it was a joke because you guys kept calling each other babe but I’m telling you I was so annoyed with you guys 🤦🏼‍♀️😬

    4. Kaylee Morris

      I thought you guys broke up you had two videos about it saying you aren’t moving into together and now there’s a video about it! I loved you guys and watched you all the time now it’s just getting kinda annoying😬

    5. Thor Cloninger

      Eventually one of them will actually get mad at the other and they'll think it's a prank lmao

    6. Lauren Hanlon

      You should put it by the TV

    7. Alize Barraza

      WAIT THEY WERE MESSING WITH US!?!?!?!?!?!?!?🤣 thanks godddddd❤️

    8. Isabella Lee

      Hey my family loves our dyson vacuum too! Though it can get scratched/dented pretty easily if you’re not careful when hitting furniture 🙄 oops haha

    9. emma the dinosaur

      Why every time I watch y’all guys I always replay the intro like 4 times just to her the intro song

    10. Chelsey Herrera

      Love your house it is gonna be so nice once you get everything set up

    11. Awsome A's Awsome A's

      who has watched all there videos once or twice????? i have

    12. Kayla Hoy

      you guys should put the picture up in the living room

    13. Tati Way of life

      NO lie my Name Tatiana

    14. Ninoska Arroyo

      Awesome congrats

    15. Rylee Macdonald

      Why did you guys not use boxes

    16. Cassie

      "We broke up" 2 Days later "WE MOVED IN TOGETHER" Sounds like a bad collage relationship

    17. Cara Steinbring

      Hi am a big fan of you guys 🤗


      God dammit I thought this channel was actually over

    19. Rheanna Kidder

      Yo You Should do a night routine in your New house

      1. Cassie

        I an

    20. Btstaehyung

      Next week:Guys Katie's pregnant!! 9 months later:The birth video 1 year later:His/Her 1st birthday 18 years later:Starting College 25 years later:My Son/Daughter getting married 28 years later:I'm having a baby!!!!! I high key think they did the dirty;)

    21. Vertilia Camacho

      So happy for you guys 💗💗

    22. Vertilia Camacho


    23. Sancia Beauty!

      OMG so random but I have the same vacuum! 😂

    24. Carl Sjoholm

      Intro song name?

    25. Charming nowhere to hide

      Yesterday: "We broke up" Today: "We're moving in together Gurl I-

    26. R58G41EBPRW Xcover3

      I am mooving

    27. Katelyn Rae

      march 22 "we broke up" march 23 "sorry" march 24"MOVING IN TOGETHER" "oh yea we are not breaking up" wtf

      1. Charming nowhere to hide

        Katie please do a pantry and fridge tour eventually !!! ❤️

    28. Nina Ferri

      I love watching you guys. I’m so happy for you both!

    29. JiminCookies Jinnie

      I wish I had a bf like that you guys are the cutest best couple ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    30. Joanna

      Yesterday: "We broke up" Today: "We're moving in together Gurl I-

    31. Abigail Harmon

      Bro I have the same vacuum

    32. Emily Leetz

      This is so chaotic I can’t even follow

    33. Luna Magallon

      Me beast give me shout out plz I subscibed an liked all your vids you are the best

      1. Joanna

        Put the foto in your bed room

    34. Luna Magallon

      I an

    35. Autumn Howard

      Put the picture in the living room

    36. Sev Production’s

      I’m so excited for you guys 😘

    37. Zohar Gorny


    38. Dina Craner

      Say hi if you see this I have no friends so no one has ever said it to me

    39. Ashley Bailey

      I have the same vacuum, it's so satisfying😂

      1. Deep hug

        Seeing this pop up I got so happy I think my parents are worried bout me now ❤️❤️

    40. Rennell WELCH

      What in the world is going on

      1. Deep hug

        I'm so fucking happy for u two!!! 😍😍

    41. parker bear

      its so good wish u guys the best luck

    42. mikin lirou

      Yesterday: "We broke up" Today: "We're moving in together Gurl I-

    43. _.Martha_.

      Katie please do a pantry and fridge tour eventually !!! ❤️

    44. aslife 2345

      Btw you guys moved in 10 days after me and my fam

    45. Taylor Vermillion

      Instead of Katie I put KaSh

      1. mikin lirou

        Good luck for your new house have fun can't wait to see the video in your new house

    46. Shivum Thatte

      You about to get the corona virus

    47. Just have Fun

      Jatie Amazing Talented Incredible Excellent UKselrs

    48. Kayla Marie christine

      Put the foto in your bed room

    49. Khloe Anderson

      Really so In the last two videos you said “were not moving in together” oh okay well the This is ending, well I guess not... I’m taking a month break bye...

    50. Dorleta Prince-Wells

      watch next week the bed is going to be broken and Katie is going to be pregnant just wait

    51. Ivanna Zambrana

      Are you married yet??!!

    52. Shantelle Herzog

      You should put the picture either in the living room or the mud room so other people can see it

    53. Silas Konrad

      I'm so fucking happy for u two!!! 😍😍

    54. The Pop- tart

      Seeing this pop up I got so happy I think my parents are worried bout me now ❤️❤️


      Can you do a house tour pls

    56. Mara Miller

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="392">6:32</a> Josh on his phone😂😂😂😂

    57. Laya Charan

      How do we give you guys fan mail if we don't know where you live ? It's a genuine question

    58. Mye Alambra

      pls tell me the title of the intro

    59. Kayden Johnson

      What happened to the break up

    60. gracie coppell

      Good luck for your new house have fun can't wait to see the video in your new house


      The break up had me in tears

    62. Demy Kym

      #jatie journey

    63. Angelina Esposito

      When you finish with decorating the house and moving in you should do a new finished house tour

    64. Mona Elfar

      I'm so happy for them💓

      1. Deep hug

        Wait we were pranked

    65. Tatiana Cajina

      my name is Tatianna !!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Deep hug

        Title of the intro song ?

    66. Laura Valdez

      I am so happy you guys are so happy

    67. Najah Jbara

      So happy for u guys😊

    68. Model Gamer


    69. Demi Hayes

      if someone would of found out were ur house is u just showed the keys all they have to do is take a screenshot of the key and go to a 3D printer and make a copy of the key and then they can get in your house. not to worry you or anything but u might wanna change your keys and locks

    70. CyberTingz

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="597">9:57</a>

      1. Deep hug

        Hey y'all I'm Alaia and I'm 13 I'm in year 8 and I'm TEAM Katie All day everyday x

    71. Audreyland Channel

      You should put the picture In The living room

    72. Mandy good job McKinney

      Truck named Tatiana: TV named Tatiana:

    73. Sara Rahman

      Pls do more of these vids xxxx Ps .....love yous

    74. Kaitlyn 46

      So are they together or no



    76. Ravon Ranallo

      @weirdwolfie no I am changing my ways

    77. THE GOOD SON

      Title of the intro song ?

    78. Ag dolly Girl123

      Wait we were pranked

    79. Mody2K

      The hate in this vid🤣

    80. Athena Hardie

      Beside your bed