We Made Instagram Push-Up Corset Bras (feat. Wengie)

Safiya Nygaard

Safiya Nygaard

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    I've been eye-ing the magic corset push-up bras on instagram, facebook, and twitter for a while now but have been too nervous to try them out - so I had my friend and amazing youtuber Wengie help me out in making a DIY version of the viral instagram product, to see if we could get the same push-up effect from a DIY bra! What do you guys think? Have you tried this magic bra?
    Make sure to check out Wengie's collab video here, where we did a WHATS IN THE BOX Challenge!!: uksel.info/video/video/oKWwn8umh6XQ33M.html
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    1. Safiya Nygaard

      HELLO BBs!! Here is an experiment 😅 DIY lingerie, eh? What do you guys think? Stay tuned for some cool internet videos and ONE LAST VIDCON COLLAB coming next week!! Xo, Saf

      1. Anna N

        Hiiiiiiiiii! I'm so late tho

      2. Gaby Kaiser

        how are there only 69 replys in 2 years

      3. K :/

        A bit late but......do you realize you couldve put the iron on things by just hot gluing?

      4. XxFallen Angels AssassinxX

        happy birthday saf for 2017 and guess what we have the same birthday also i think that you should do another collab with wengie

    2. Jasmine Destefano

      I saw Saf and Wengie in the same thumbnail I clicked I realized I'm a couple years too late to freak out about it I freak out about it and comment anyways

    3. Sims and Gacha life

      Lol got more cleavage than u and I’m 10 XD

    4. callies crib

      I'm 8 and I'm all most a c

    5. Lauren Sekelsky

      I am LIVING for that subtle Masters of Disguise reference! 😂

    6. Nisi Adani

      The real diy queen is laurDIY 👑

    7. Zoe Chapman

      What was that?!? Ello 0:10

    8. Aprilplays -roblox

      Wengie is not the diy queen the queen is Lauren DIY she is the queeeeen

    9. Madelyn Marks

      Love it! My favorite UKselrs together!

    10. Dance Moms Life

      50% of the comments: it's the "unicorn" and the "Vampire" The Other 50% : I am eight and I were a bigger cup

    11. Ayesha Mohsin

      Just realized that Wengie got more subscribers than Safiya

    12. Shilpi Kumari

      They both crying for not having cleavage nd I'm like i hate my heavy bust nd the cleavage that shows every single time😏😑

    13. Niya Miller

      Vampire vs unicorn 🧛🏻‍♀️🦄

    14. Fung chun Luk

      Oh my.. I can't believe I'm watching this video about bras but then I saw the thumbnail and wengie is featured! I absolutely love her music videos even though this was made 2 years ago

    15. yUkThA Bn

      Hey Wengie! Your fan right here!

    16. Nichole Holmes

      I think you should collab agien

    17. Lps Evie

      The crigy unicorn and Franklin stein

    18. ItzKoala_ Eri

      I know why Safiya has the Child Proof ligther..she is the child and she got the child proof kind

    19. Vi Ledet


    20. Potatto Cookeez

      When 8 year olds from Wengie's channel click on this video And I oop-

    21. unicorn per

      what... if...... a........ guy.........was.........watching.........this.

    22. Gacha Ally Draws

      Wengie is the bleached version of saf

    23. Psycho Sisters

      Umm some children are watching soooooo don’t swear!

    24. yvonne savoy

      For someone w/D boobs, it's so funny to see someone excited about the "line", lmao.

    25. LaraD

      Hey guys, in is not up, sorry. And the itty bitty titty committee should probably just enjoy what they have, because all this pushing and padding looks so fake and phoney, what are you gonna do if you actually attract a bloke and then...? We all want what we don’t have anyway, it must be nice not to have to wear a bra, do spaghetti straps, buy bikinis, bathers and bras that don’t need to actually “work” which is expensive.

    26. elliewellie

      Individual sticky boobs

    27. Drhiu

      Bend and Snap lol!!! From legally blonde

    28. Chloe Kwon

      4:05 Saf is just jamming out to the hammering sound lmao

    29. ParrotPepper

      Buys actual corset bra* Doesn’t use it*

    30. James Grisson

      Any boys here? #sad for them?

    31. xKitty Playsx

      okay ik im VERY late but there was a push-up bra ad lmao

    32. Madison Grayson

      If u need the DIY QUEEN! *Call laurdiy*

    33. Rainbow Moose Girl

      Part of me wants to dress like Wengie, but part of me also wants to dress like Sofia, my whole life I’ve been like this I still can’t decide 😂

      1. sleepisfortheweak


    34. Kaylee Schoenthal

      When Wengie was like you can lace them up the way you like to lace up your shoelaces, did anyone immediately think of her single lace up or was it just me

    35. Random Nugget

      Im ten and I have a C cup

    36. Julia Söderberg

      Is it just me who understood that Wengie's line "Lace up" was a hint to all true fans

    37. 【emptee;】

      when the dark and light collide.

    38. C Weise

      Safiya: I need to burn this immediately! Me: yes! *burns my homework *

    39. •moonxbliss•

      me when i saw this video: *OMG THE QUEENS HAD A COLLAB! 🥴💕*

    40. per_ k

      Omg my dad was a push up bra omg omg😂😂

    41. FlyingPandaStars

      Could've hot glued the turtle on! ahaha

    42. sultan soomro

      Peeling it off ans holo stars remind me of cristine 😂💖

    43. Mila Likes Yaoi

      I got an ad for these bras

    44. Sage PlayzZ

      Me watching the video:They have completely opposite style 😂😂😂 Me goes through the comments :Wengie:unicorn. Safiya:Vampire Wengie:Pink,purple and blue Safyiya:BLACK Me:What 😂😂😂😂😂

    45. uh oh stinky

      No one: Not a single person: Wengie and her adorable self: *brawr* Wengie and saf:

    46. Veen_Gacha

      I love how they just don't care about demonitization😂

    47. Ashlyn

      Actually the queen of clothing diys is Amber scholl

    48. sugar cube

      the first completed *brar*

    49. Elizabeth Flanagan

      Two totally different styles

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      I 💖wengie

    51. twiga pritchard

      the only time a unicorn and a vampire would collaborate LMAOOOOOOOOOÖ

    52. LIV & GAV

      I love your videos!! I need to make some like yours!!! 😈💜💜

    53. Spotted Toad

      Wengie is really cute 😊

    54. Jessie Smith

      Wengie was the first UKselr I ever subscribed to

    55. jhonzen pusing

      im so late -.-

    56. Julia Beth Larson

      I was confused why she didn’t put on the real one to compare

    57. Emilia Morisseau

      When you have biggest boobs then both of them and your 12💀🤧

    58. kitty_ Qween

      my to Favre youTubs

    59. Lyss 36

      Woohoo been waiting for this collab for EVER!!!

    60. Christina Ochoa

      If you need DIY .........call Tabasko Sweet..his the king of DIY clothes