Unveiling the Huracan at SEMA 2019 and Our First Real Drive

B is for Build

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    In today's episode we start back in portland, 36 hours before SEMA load in deadline, and take it from there!
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    1. brianv3ntura

      Wow this actually looks like dog shit.

    2. PALUZZI

      When are you going to show the boat!?!?

    3. FusionTechCinema

      Please don’t make cars

    4. DKTAz00

      And he never drove it again....

    5. Josh Gray

      13:00. [Oh no]

    6. Josh Gray

      Almost a million views. This is so friggin awesome. This is shit i think of and why not more of. So im very proud of you guys for doing this.

    7. LR Lapua

      sorry, it looks like crap to me....that gap behind front wheel at door looks like total crap....

    8. M R1275

      A mid engine Corvette🙄

    9. Baker Mayfield #6HUNNIT #DAN6EROUS

      Idk if the car actually looks like the thumbnail, but if it does, please for the love of god stop doing this because the thumbnail looks like Need For Speed: Autozone Edition 😬😬

    10. vette life

      love the build and congratulations on your engagement

    11. vello sepp

      Had high hopes for this build but its just awful

    12. Theatre Knight Gaming

      The steering is loose.

    13. Vito Augello

      havent been following build but I m guessing it sounds like a chevy LS?? If it is. shame on you. Gorgeous body work, high end everything but really all that great custom work and an LS...........

    14. Dan _

      Dudes! Who stole that woman's shoes? Come one now, guys.. Stop it with these kids' jokes.. Return her shoes, please. It's almost December, she might catch a cold..

    15. udovdh

      Coingratulations on getting to that parking lot with that car...!!!!!!!!!11!!!!!

    16. WeN33dJustice

      Well wtf does the gas gauge say🤣

    17. Benjamin Outten

      Tons of respect, you killed Sema! You thought what all the rich kids could have never bought!!!!

    18. Blackmagic.b

      get a like wise shifter and move it forward so youre not shifting behind you

    19. JSmooVE3990

      At least you're gonna marry your girl after making her work on a car before the show lol. Congrats homie.

    20. Niyaaz Dollie

      Congratulations on getting engaged

    21. James Vaughan

      If it's the "only" it would be by default the "fastest".

    22. Jose Molina

      I've watched this video TWICE I've liked this video ive commented on this video twice I hope this helped in anyway because after this build u well deserve it u the most hardworking UKselr and I wanna say CONGRATULATIONS

    23. bigwavedave25

      Awesome feat you guys to accomplish! So glad I was able to see the build in person while at SEMA.

    24. Ryan Overkamp

      So glad B is For Build didn’t jump on the completely overplayed Supra bandwagon...haven’t seen one on the road yet, but already so tired of seeing that effing car.

    25. Jose Molina

      dopest car at the show hands down!!! u should rewap the diffuser WHITe it would look even sicker!!!

    26. My name is gogot meastro

      Dude it looks super ugly why not use a liberty walk body kit it would have looked a thousand times better than your body kit. Nice way to ruin a lambo.

    27. RolandAshcroft

      You were driving with the steering wheel wiggling , you ran out of gas, the car is not registered and you don't have seatbelts. The things you guys can do in America, land of the free I guess ? I really like this build and congrats.

    28. Edgaras Aksiutovas

      Song at 6.24?

    29. Robert A

      DDE sent me here! SICK BUILD FAM 🤙🏼🤙🏼🔥

    30. fast torque Drifter

      I admire the hard work.. But WHYYYY.... 🤔.. LS vs V10.. LS.. V10.. Hmmmm manual V10.. 👌😉🚗

    31. Pim van Dongen

      When is this thing going to be finished? For now it look likes a rapid prototype... and I doubt if this is streetlegal. The engine sounds like a truck and not like a sportscar. After so much has done on it it isn't worth a lamborgini badge anymore.

    32. Benni3D

      Did the Build still turn out to be 'cheap'ish?

    33. Brandon Fraser

      It’s Amerhurcan!

    34. Robert Boyer

      Why not just start earlier next time?🤔 Not like the dates for SEMA are a big surprise...😂

    35. Davesgameplays dave

      The steering wheel is moving

    36. Frankie Boy

      UGLY, you know it is!

    37. Traian-Madalin Popescu

      we want a new boat video!

    38. Jess W

      It's has all been said!! What an incredible journey, this is the most insane looking, sounding Lambo on the planet. It gives everyone the belief that with endurance and determination we to could build something that blows minds. It's a true credit to everyone involved. You have our support from down under 🇦🇺 👊

    39. armancha23

      Man that sounds BEAST!

    40. 2Moza

      Congrats on the Build for SEMA and a Even bigger Congrats for your Personal life together :) lol.

    41. JBTYpr

      Love the build! just wish the whole thing was the same color so you could appreciate the body

    42. Hahauravirgin

      That is ugly

    43. 100 Bands

      For those who don't know, Chris proposed to his now to be wife! Congrats from the UK!

    44. david elmsly

      Bro how epic! You made it : ) Have the gated shifter gate on show. Old lamb style

    45. S D W

      😏 congrats from another kid from Portland.. 🤣 that man said "too much glue goin on here!!".. cuz sometimes you gotta fake it till you make it.. 🤙🏽🤙🏽🤙🏽

    46. s60polestar fan

      Crazy build. Nice job

    47. Dominic yeates

      Are you going to make a custom Deck lid for it??

    48. David Ellison

      I couldn’t imagine working on a vehicle that Long!!!! It’s never going to bring enough money to cover just ur man hours!!! U haven’t slept in 4days but ur going to go judge other people’s builds!!!

    49. Extra Ziadeh

      This is amazing and I support this 110%. But am I the only one who thinks the rear diffuser and the whole back end is ugly?

    50. Joseph White

      Congrats on the proposal!!!!

    51. Doug S

      Why does everyone have Lambos? No one has anything different. Where are all the Ferraris at.

    52. No lights, no water, no late night snacking.

      damn, that pearl tho 👌

    53. RJ

      Really awesome car. Its going to need a ton of work before it is ready for any track or street use, though.

    54. cactus jack

      Is there anything at sema thats not a last minute rush job?

    55. Carlos Tavarez

      Congrats on the engagement!!!

    56. Danny Corliss

      Gotta love when the steering wheel started to fall off while driving

    57. bomatt

      This car is insane. You guys did a great job.

    58. Matt Kesner

      Congratulations on getting married man

    59. Ray McGuffie

      You guys did an amazing job! I love the work you did . Thanks so much for the inspiration! You and your team are the best!

    60. sam meck

      To come from a half burnt car just amazing, great job guys😃