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  1. Bo007 Duke

    CONGRATULATIONS to you both, Chris your such an awesome lad, so down to earth. I love the way you did it, great work and happily ever after bud!

  2. Lawrence Eich

    Hey Chris I have a concept that you might like for your next project it's a prototype from AMC that they never built I'll shoot you the picture. Well I can't find it it's called The AMX 2

  3. Kevin Kboy

    First of all that is not a car

  4. Negrodamus16

    I cant beliebe ,I just binged watched this.😄😄.. Amazing build and journey. Thanks for this.

  5. C. Starkweather

    So many ads..... no more

  6. Lucas LUKE

    You guys rock man🌟your car looks fire🔥🔥

  7. Mark de Rooij

    Who else is uncomfortable with seeing Chris working in 1x speed instead of a timelapse?

  8. kshepthedrummer

    This was a really well made video. It was cool seeing all the behind the scenes and getting to finally "meet" and hear from the other guys. Much better than the typical "so-and-so build in 10 minutes" that everyone has been doing lately with just the same footage we've already seen.

  9. It's Jonny

    the shop looks small from the outside but it looks huge on the inside i love it

  10. Many

    Definitely did get an office vibe. Brings back memories.... Great job on the build. I was starting to think you'd be late to Sema... Everybody get some major rest and we'll see you when u start driving and sorting it for the dyno

  11. Blade's Toy Shop

    Been there, done that on the lug nuts... Like you, never lost any.

  12. Barret Smith

    It’s his shit he can pile it however n tuck he wanta personally I think there N I’ve been here since I think I got gtr he was just really taking off

    1. Barret Smith

      He turned his hobby into his paycheck n way to marry wife n live pretty dope life they has u watching it’s easy to be hater world had enough hate be different my dude

    2. Barret Smith


  13. Barret Smith

    It doesn’t matter go take shit n toilet n picture someone trying to hate on pile shit u made

  14. Barret Smith

    How u gonna say mans works junk when he’s building them for himself stupid like any mans gonna go to this level to build himself n show the world regular joes like myself some these techniques n how he builds whatever n funk he wants period if man wanted to film himself taking shit world still have dumb mfs like u commenting bs keep your negetivety to urself constructive criticism sure but punk shit miss b with it

  15. ItsMePA

    I be honest with ya, i like your first person videos more but this is something different and nice. Now on to the shaky video.. 🤔

  16. Jerry Lifsey

    Did you have all the little brackets on the car by this time?

  17. Jerry Lifsey

    Tavarish might know a paint guy....in FL

  18. Jerry Lifsey

    11:40 seems like there needs to be a backup place to put LiPo rechargable D batteries somewhere

  19. kristopher herbst

    Damn, those wheels are HOT !!! Sweet choice...

  20. Daniel K

    Nice to see whats happening between the Episodes

  21. Jerry Lifsey

    Milwaukee needs to send you a bore scope so you can look down into things

  22. Dave

    What’s the guys contact info that does your rendering’s?

  23. Russell Walker

    How did Oscar work at his day job and help with the car?

  24. Ekin Polat

    The inside still needs a shit ton of work imo, the gear lever is way towards the back and it looks uncomfortable, also they said they need to work on the centre console.

  25. Thomas Mulloy

    huracan is not rare.

  26. Will Clairmont

    Hand winch and a floor anchor would have done it

  27. Christoph Boehm

    What an amazing idea to do this documentary and what an amazing achievement! Congratulations to all of you who pulled this off!

  28. Angela Oakes

    This is by far the BEST B is for build episode"s ever. I love your plan to get everyone in place. Man I enjoyed your Simi build. This was so refreshing. Best of blessings to the both of you guys!!!!

  29. skeelo69

    The next B - Is for build should be ..... tear down that small workshop and get a proper garage that is tall , that has space to fit a car lift and a proper fabrication area and all the things you expect to see in a garage.. by the way Chris ... you all did a phenomenal job and i am happy to be a subscriber here ... Peace !

  30. Tyler Tinsley

    soooo rad!! congrats!!!

  31. George KalfeR

    Huge respect 💪 Love from Greece 🇬🇷 We waiting Dyno video!

  32. T Willems

    To be honest i like the idea of the documentary but sadly i found the quality of this one is a little low. Pimarily the stability of the camera (mainly during the interviews) and the audio quality could be better. These improvements will make it a lot more enjoyable to watch, at least for me.

  33. KD Walker

    Steinbacher shows grit and organization as a leader, who has the talent and charisma to garner sponsorships. To paraphrase Oscar, Chris is a visionary genius who can recreate a trajectory on the fly to achieve a desired outcome, whether it's reprogramming modules or designing a fender. His friend-helpers are amazingly competent and take ownership of their responsibilities and tasks. This dynamic is not to be mistaken with "loyalty", where everyone does as the leader/boss says; instead, these guys are given the freedom to believe in an idea and tackle it with their personalities, passions, and skill sets--moreover, they temper negative criticisms in stride and don't become unhinged--at least on camera ;) . The collegial and collaborative spirit driven by Chris is infectious that builds trust among the participants. Great story, and who cares that the front fender lines aren't perfect--this was an entertaining, challenging, and creative build.

  34. Chris Greenall

    Car turned out awesome mate, I'm buzzing for you

  35. Hellspijker

    hihi, oh no i crashed my M5, guess i'll take the Lotus. sigh... hard live....

  36. Muhammad Anas

    I think you should put the Latest Model LED DRLs, it will look Great.🔥

  37. 1Deezle

    Can you please post you driving and doing some burnouts and doughnuts please and some track footage and by they way this build was the sickest ever I didn't disagree with anything you guys did on this just wow

  38. Jay DKB

    Will these you tubers ever show the cars driving hard after they build them or is it just the build thats the focus. I'd love to see a Top speed or a road drive or POV of these builds in action. Never got to see Tavarish Lambo driven hard after watching the entire series was a little disappointing. Hope they do at least a POV drive in it.

  39. BANT3R

    Can we hear it now? want to see it on the motorway

  40. Chase Gambrell

    It’s not a car dumbass

  41. Nick Roberts


  42. MadCat

    B is for Stress

  43. stuccc

    Oscar looks a little bit like el chapo

  44. Siong C

    B is for Build: brings burntacan to SEMA. every other UKselrs: It's free real estate.

  45. Steve L.

    congrats man

  46. Grey

    Man, i feel like it is just days ago when i first saw your channel during World Cup with 300k subs. The Huracan was absolute a showstopper, congrats!

  47. Fogdude19

    Anyone know the name of the first song?

  48. gii SB

    a lil too extreme for my taste. would have like it more rounded out. an active aero kit*. didn't watch the whole build but your ideas are generally cool.

  49. Hessu55

    S for Salesman 💩

  50. Alexander Lele

    Dude needs a stabiliser.

  51. Igor DeCamps

    All I want to see before Thanksgiving is a tuned Dyno Pull! The whole point is will this engine build, out perform and smoke an Original Lambo.

  52. Pootsman

    OK, so I love your channel, I'm 5 minutes into this and the background music is annoying and apart from that I can't really be bothered watching anymore, not for 50 minutes anyway. Usual uploads are better, quality too I'd argue (sound and video). Just my opinion and the feedback you asked for. ;-)

  53. DKTAz00

    Now, for the love of god, please drive it! Take it drag racing, drifting, dune racing, anything at all

  54. Somebody once Told me

    Stop overselling your captions. How we built a 'show stopper' is pretty narcissistic.

  55. Robert Davies

    Really enjoyed this - can see why you’re so proud of it, and rightly so!

  56. Melwin William

    I miss the GTR

  57. Brian.K

    This filming dude doesnt even have a tripod?

  58. WARBY T600

    I wish the aero wasn’t just flat sheet metal and had some depth to it 🧐

  59. Krisztian Somodi

    Congratulations. B is for Happy :)

  60. Finan 7

    No glamour shots at the end?

  61. Alama Brown

    Damn that would have been 5 days no sleep

  62. ArtemKVAS

    What’s the song used at 5:41 ??

  63. Antony Pye

    @bisforbuild has come along way, but how the hell are you going to raise the bar for your next build after this??!!

  64. Tommy K

    The gear stick looks like in a very awkward position and it sounds like a truck. I’ll stick with my 370z

  65. Nikolai Dinero

    We legit watch videos of you building this car but not once we watched you made a videos of you driving it doing burnouts etc. why ? Make this whole videos seem like a waste of time

  66. 7ETRNL

    great documentary. Took me two days to finish watching it. I believe if you have a documentary for everyone of your build, you might be on to something big here.

  67. Aditya Tiwari

    Leagues above any other car build UKsel channel

  68. Aditya Tiwari

    Man the paintjob/colour of this car is theeeeeeee...... Bestttt ... ....

  69. DJA

    Car people are so awkward

  70. d p

    Great build, but disappointed that your time wasn't included in total build cost, bc it is a real cost.

  71. Kirk Sides

    Love that waterfall. What’s the name of it? Where’s it located?

  72. random-guy-from-the_Internet

    Love this style of content. I think it would be great to flash forward to see how certain parts looked after they were implemented and after the sema show. Starts great

  73. Frezzy

    Feels like its been just 2 weeks!

  74. Tom Diersch

    Congratulations. Love the adventure and felt like I was there with you. You did an amazing job

  75. humito768

    CONGRATS and thankyou for your inspiration guyz!!!!

  76. Javier Garcia

    Oscar is a beast he needs his merch

  77. Javier Garcia

    We need some b is for build boys merch

  78. Aaron Williams

    Watching your vids inspire me to work through my own hard times at work Chris. Loved this vid format!!

  79. R3d Rocket

    "Oscar did a great job" hahahahahahaha

  80. R3d Rocket

    hell yeah good job bro!!!!!

  81. haider ali Khan

    Video doesn't feel good quality as ur video are normally

  82. TheAppleXbox

    Man this stressed me out just watching again like the last few videos. You guys/gal are heroes and I love everything you're doing.

  83. Vauxn

    im your host, overexcited car guy

  84. Mark Span

    My wife and I are also big Disneyland fans, and when I decided to purpose to her I bought a $25 Pirates of the Caribbean ring on Main St and asked her in Blue Bayou. We upgraded the ring later.. unfortunately I could have totally helped you out with a Plaid at DL. Your proposal was just about as awkward as mine!

  85. Adam Wilken

    Love the shot reviews 😅

  86. David Taylor

    Congrats on the engagement.

  87. Steve Gent

    Absolutely loved the whole build, well done dude!

  88. Jørgen

    Dont belive the is a runner, drive across America and tell us what happened? Give the car a real shakedown and i think this car will totally back dovn.

  89. Justin Olson

    Why is this only 13k likes?

  90. Matt D

    Badass. Weather you know it or not, you’re an inspiration to anyone with basic tools in a normal garage.

  91. lemster101

    This was really cool. It was great to see a behind the scenes and how you guys interact with each other. Great that you had this made. And again, massive congratulations to having built such an awesome car and congrats on the engagement!

  92. Diego R. Joubert

    What is the color code of this car???

  93. ostelo84

    Dude that is an amazing looking car!

  94. Nick Kautz

    Oscar deserves an Oscar.

  95. Randopalooza

    I watched the episodes like "Of COURSE they'll finish, why wouldn't they??" WOW, didn't realize JUST how close it came!! AMAZING job.

  96. Mc Reacher

    Great vid!

  97. Terry McWilliams

    The Crew from B.I.B has done an Awesome job building one bas ass ride.

  98. wompsify

    This just goes to show how much work goes on behind the scenes. Chris - after this build you really need to take some time and reevaluate how to make this sustainable. You need to start looking at this like a proper business and outsourcing the parts you don't enjoy so you can continue making crazy builds! And most importantly, we would really like to see you using your cars more!

  99. Emrah Sinanovic

    Your next SEMA build should be a BMW i8, put in an actually engine into the car.

  100. David Rose

    Great documentary! Loved to see and hear the team. I thought you were crazy when you revealed the burnt shell, but you and the team built an amazing car!! Looking forward to your future projects. Love the channel and thanks for sharing! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻