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  1. Dramagow

    Bronze wheels.

  2. Quang Phi Pham

    The bronze wheels with the white paint looks amazing :)

  3. Blain Angus

    All that work and sealed the wheel like trash

  4. claysmell

    youtube dropped my subscription - what happened to eleanor?

  5. Carlos Avila

    The brushed aluminum looks great.

  6. Kitterll Singleton

    The wheels look good in gold✌🏽✌🏽

  7. Devin Wieniewitz


  8. Payton Moser


  9. Andrew Robinson

    Gun metal centre with brush outer

  10. Todd Harrison

    Bronze spokes and machined lip👌

  11. Dylan Good

    Black/gun metal

  12. John Bahl

    We'll bud, looks like I sent her a little to fucking hard.

  13. Stranglethroat

    Sure, you can call it a supra, because the new supra is based on the new 2019 Z4... Except this is a 2013...

  14. phil arp


  15. Alex_XETT

    I think that the bronze wheels would look amazing, especially on that type of a car

  16. Dr Edward Druschitz


  17. Karatektus

    you should b is for build a plasma cutter! you could use it all the time and it would be something other than a car!

  18. Subpar Garage

    Raw aluminum or anything but black rims

  19. Em-j Daskalakis

    I like the bronze look on the white

  20. Zack Thomas

    Raw aluminum!

  21. Mrgreenyfed

    Definitely go with the brushed aluminum wheels!

  22. ᗒ╬ᗕ1112223333111ᗒ╬ᗕ

    g is for ghey

  23. Josh Hapgood

    What happend to the boat

  24. Chromedawg48


  25. Joshua Rhuland


  26. Paul Onorato

    My vote is for the brushed aluminum finish on the wheels and good luck with the Mustang issue!

  27. WoVe Blu

    Put it on bags??????

  28. ttv_aussieloverkangaroo

    gun alumunimunm

  29. TMANKE 45


  30. Darren Geary

    Once u go Black, there's no going back. no metal rims for me. BLACK baby

  31. CLUB DOC dominican republic


  32. Grady Canty

    Comeback with “old school new school mustang build” and never say you know what

  33. saleh musaed

    Raw aluminum

  34. Grady Canty

    He said it’s not a paid sponsorship so he’ll be honest?? So when they are paid they just bullshit so they look good?

  35. Muhammad Khan


  36. Azmad Abdullah

    The bronze looks well

  37. poppasunny 47

    In order 1. Bronze 2.Aluminum 3. a few options 4. Whats on the car now. Truthfully it just be the old wheels that i do not like, the newer wheels just fit the wheel well better.

  38. Kp Shefas

    Leave it bronze wheels

  39. Jeff Robertson

    The bronze for sure! 🇦🇺

  40. eric jones

    Or brushed metal lip and blk facing

  41. eric jones


  42. it’s a boy


  43. InspirePerfect

    Did someone say 2jz it ? 2000hp lmao 🤣 or an ls swap twin turbo it would be sickkkk im not a boat guy but i would follow that build

  44. Wayne W

    You have bad taste, that body kit looks crap and the wing was such a bad decision. you have the money and the means to build something really nice but you created a ricer.

  45. Apoapsis Gaming

    With the wheels, you could do centre section gunmetal then leave the rim the raw metal look

  46. Michael Rivera


  47. Liofa

    Lagging a long way behind the Goonz in terms of subs I see, probably because he was bitching and whining last year about them, loads of us unsubbed from here...

  48. Alex Castrisos

    Bronze is the best

  49. metal box

    care to share that rubberize spray can product? i want it ;) thank you!

  50. Steve Cleaver

    Sorry Chris, don't like the plain Aluminium or the gold, got to be "Back to BLACK" for my vote.

  51. Valkyrie Survives

    Raw aluminum lip/rim with gloss black spokes

  52. EscormHST

    The raw aluminum looks best for those wheels in my opinion.

  53. josbanse

    I will guarantee the carbon wing supports are not pure carbon, maybe just coated as if you had that thicc carbon fiber piece you would not be able to flex it...


    *These chargers are honestly the most beautiful machines ever made*

  55. Jarrod Picard-Shaw

    I’d personally go Takata green for the wheels 👌🏼

  56. Canned Nolan

    For the mustang videos re-edit them and change the name to bob-it mustang. Cause the B elen shell cut your D off. Then you can make some money off them.

  57. TheAlligator76

    brushed aluminum wheels for sure

  58. genxer39

    Brushed Aluminium all the way.

  59. Elmer Lee

    I say go gunmetal. 👍👍

  60. Alexander Gutheil

    gun metal grey, all day!!

  61. William Crawford

    also I forgot to mention I do not want to use spacers spacers are not good especially if you're using your car for drifting. I was hoping I could find a place for long-arm suspension that is the right way to do it. spacers on the front will interact with the body frame. I have used spacers before and they're no good, especially for tight fitment sports cars!

  62. Ad Segura

    Yo wtf happens with the mustang I looked at ur videos and can’t find any mustang videos

  63. William Crawford

    by the way I'm looking for about 3in wider on each side and also if anybody can help me find a kit so I could have rear steering capability that would be beautiful

  64. William Crawford

    I have the rear end from this beautiful car. I need to get a long arm suspension for this. I can't seem to find anything. I'm doing a wide-body on my Aston Martin vanquish v12 independent rear suspension axle. please please please if anybody can help me I would be very thankful and very grateful for your knowledge

  65. Jenesis

    Fuck the boat man, i was seriously looking forward to at least a single vid of the m240z ripping.

  66. Quintin Hill


  67. ed ubinas

    Caffeine is a beautiful drug

  68. Salvatore Pizzo

    love the brush aluminum look


    brush alu all the way!!!!

  70. Josh Melcher


  71. Julian Buss

    I know this is a 2 year old video but by chance are you in portland oregon? I also got my BRZ tuned by PRE racing and the tuners name is also Eric! Very curious?

  72. Kurtis Curtis

    Raw plz

  73. brandonburchell8

    Go with a high gloss metallic grey (powder coat) (gunmetal grey) for the wheels, high metallics, but lighter shade of grey than the Konig’s

  74. Ben Heayn

    Bronze for sure

  75. Miles Hayek


  76. Nima Malayeri

    Gold for the wheels.

  77. Thomas Mitchell

    Raw Aluminum

  78. Lewis Lomax

    Hey what is it’s top speed

  79. Marcus Moeller


  80. Tony Gunn

    Bronze ftw.

  81. Travis Copas

    Personally I like the gunmetal. But it may not necessarily be “in”.

  82. leonardo soto

    What happened to the mustang videos I was trying to show someone the sick work

  83. Sky Surfer

    Does the bost speak Italian or English?

  84. Big Bubba

    Gunmetal all the way

  85. Live Free Moto

    rip mustang. and hello to the R35 the most UKselr car ever

  86. Johny Wrench

    Send it to Ams performance in west Chicago

  87. Daniel Tuttle

    I really like the aluminum

  88. iBash Gaming

    That roof problem looks like solvent Popping.

  89. Dmojica

    Go for dark bronze on your wheels

  90. chaudarius hardy


  91. Gerald Nulsen


  92. Andrew Haltom

    Brushed bronze

  93. thatjokerperson

    build the lexus DUH

  94. rockytharpjr

    Gunmetal bro.

  95. Paul Allen

    I like how the lip turned out. I’ve found the sprayable vinyl to be very helpful

  96. thatjokerperson

    "WhAt Do yOu mEaN "Eleanor" ThIs Is ElOnOr"

  97. Be Frank

    Looks like a 50/50 car, 50ft at 50mph

  98. dan goheen

    Polish those wheels 👌

  99. thatjokerperson

    i think the wing should be 4 inches lower to bring it closer to the body

  100. David Dennis

    That was a great and different video especially from watching so much car videos