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  1. Drippy Sauce

    Bout to unsubscribe why tf is keem there

  2. DumbGamer

    the previous vid says 24 hrs

  3. Super_ BMZ

    I gurantee he will make a song with ricegum

  4. Aziza Minkara

    Are you a mules lem

  5. Julian Garnica

    November 12 anyone?

  6. xXxHALODOGxXx

    Yo you should lowkey put this as the FaZe outro song for a while

  7. Denilson Wairokpam

    U re killing the vibe man🔥🤟

  8. Destiney Cheyenne

    Yesssss lil rug🤩🙌🏽

  9. Team ChaosCorruption 666

    Faze blaze

  10. Chielb03

    bruh he thinks it is really good, but its quite bad

  11. ShannSoChill33 H

    The song was just you repeating yourself!! It's not that lit!! This actually making Lance Stewart's song Fire!! Your not a rapper rug they just telling you they like it so they don't hurt your feelings.

  12. Adam Satterwhite

    If I had to rate it out of 10 I’d rate it 10,000,000

  13. Tommy lee420

    Not hating or nothing but if Lil pump can be a rapper then you can be a Platinum label💯💯☝☝☝💯


    Don’t like it at all Like=Agee Comment=Disagree

  15. Toxic Decoy

    That I'd really good keep it up


    When blazed was filling it more 😭😭😭 I think it was a banger 💯💯💯💯🔥

  17. Not Bravo

    All of faze clan

  18. NGU

    U gotta be real tho shit was ass to much auto tune we wanna hear your song with trying make a vid 🔥🔥🔥

  19. Not Bravo


  20. Rylan Doss/High Deff

    Me: gets glass stuck in eye from breaking cup My mom: HeY thAT GLasS AlMosT LanDeD On My RUUUUuuuuuuUG My mom: whips out belt

  21. Tommy lee420

    💯💯YO you're going somewhere 100%💯💯

  22. Frozen Raid

    Put blaze in the song Bc he’s doin music and that would be fire👍🏽 like if you agree

  23. georgio daher

    So good bri

  24. neymar ERT

    Put DDG on the song like if u agree

  25. Alan Moreno

    The shirt Temper is wearing FaZe x Kappa is fire💯🔥

  26. Ryley Dyck

    I don’t like rap so I can’t give a non biased rating

  27. Isaac Kareithi

    yes sir skirrtttt love it

  28. Wizop tho

    Blaze is so cringe he said the beat is fire before the beat started

  29. Jamie Lee Ashton

    That song was lit 🔥

  30. Mr Kush

    They only say it’s good because you are there dumbass

  31. Laura Rodriguez


  32. neymar ERT


  33. loveholic220

    Featuring Sommer Ray n ur brother be like Bryannn!!!😭💔 ... 😂😂 Noah n you the best combi.. 😍😍

  34. Sreyant Ramasamy

    crazy shit

  35. Nightmare_Burnsy

    Make a music vid

  36. Rey Rey

    3:11 Im with banks 🚫🧢

  37. Nightmare_Burnsy

    Holyyy, this is actually good Rug, keep it up

  38. Hugh buggy

    Anyone watching in 2019😍😎

  39. Roshni Sunar

    I foooking laveeeee ewww❤❤

  40. Harith Amin

    "Ooooooooooo" needs to be fixed 😂

  41. Jaime Vega

    I fw with u rug because ur real

  42. Becky Harding


  43. A & M

    This is how many times Rug handshakes/dabs his friends!! Hahaha 😂😂 👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽

  44. xXxHALODOGxXx

    Someone please tell Noah that he is loved I feel like nobody appreciates him smh

  45. Joseph Hernandez

    What would your rapper name be? Faze Rug: Big Rug Rat 💀😂😂

  46. Aye Marie


  47. Iveen Barrios

    What u should do is wait until 6ix9ine is released to have him ft it 😂

  48. DKY Puanz

    Very good jams I think it rocks man you should make a playlist!!!!

  49. Trouble Kiddd

    You should make a song with one of my friends. His [email protected]

  50. DXD Cosmic


  51. Heshams football channel

    the next song song make it Faze rug - ft Rice gum and Faze blaze

  52. James Mathew

    Ppl stop lying to this boy .. it's horrible.

  53. adoll

    CJ SO COOL : TrAAAAAAAAsssSsshhhh

  54. Heikky Jaydo

    Feature offset. It will be easier since he's a faze too..

  55. Aye Marie

    Me n Faze Banks think alike

  56. Devyn Korok


  57. xdflawlessgamerz xd

    Like frfr come shave my head for the iPhone 11 like on god bet you wont

  58. Obey Salad

    Rice gum pls or maybe all sic love u rug 🔥🌈

  59. Mobile Plays

    let offset ft

  60. S-M

    These kids man, glad I was born in the 90’s and grew up to real music and not all this autotune shit. People need to realise that ANYONE can get in the studio and make a song with autotune and I mean ANYONE ! Fuck this batty boy faze rug would get hurt in the streets, stick to youtube vlogs

  61. isaac webb

    I have already leaned the lyrics 👍

  62. 사랑

    Rug: this was not a serious song just for fun Also Rug: I feel like it’s a radio song

  63. Scope Attack

    Tbh she’s a poor actor

  64. Swagz

    No one: Everyone: This was crazy Rug: It LiTeRaLLy ToOK Me 2 HoUrS

  65. Alan Lopez

    U should ask offset if he can hop on the track that lowkey will sound fireee🔥🔥🔥💯

  66. Bernie Fierro


  67. Drewww

    FaZe Rug I got 57.6k on SoundCloud and I do shows on the east coast.

  68. John Mark Belga

    Auto tune is life hehe

  69. Karen Lesher

    Congrats! The song sounds great. The beat is catchy. You need to put drake on your next song.

  70. Suleiman Tunka

    faze rug you kill it i download in my phone and in my chrome you just kill it i love it

  71. Alan Lopez

    U should do it whit offset tht will be 🔥 🔥 u should ask him like if u want faze rug and offset singing together🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  72. Abdul Minaoui


  73. Eleazar Lopez

    The lit asf it fire 🔥 no lie I give it a 100/10 like damn like yeesssssiir

  74. fkkndavid ッ

    7:55 peep the puff bar

  75. Jacob Hernandez

    i love the song like if you do

  76. Zezto

    🤧 what the poopy stuff is this

  77. Kyler Ashton

    Make another vid with Micheal please I want to know how he’s doing Also song is FIRE AF 🔥🔥🔥🔥 Collab With Tanner Fox

  78. Ludvik Sletta

    Yo if yt deleted your Chanel HOW DID YOU UPLOAD THIS? Edit:stop pranking bro


    @FaZe rug get roddy ricch on there roddy ricch



  81. Certic Uprising

    Auto tune kicks in hard aye boyz

  82. Luis Gaming209

    Put offset in Remix!!!

  83. Yathrib Deeb

    I give u 10 /10

  84. Diego Ortiz

    That kid lasted a day on UKsel lmao he doesn’t even post





  87. _Rainy_ 20

    Sorry but you can’t rap i’m 10 Times better than you 😪 all i heard from your song was aototune sorry man 😔

  88. Justin lopez

    Rug hit up logic he would kill that Trac


    You are an amazing

  90. Kaos_Wizard 323

    The song is catchy and good

  91. Roasting Gamer

    Feature Logan paul


    I love your videos you are so funny

  93. gina hanna

    9:30 9:27 is soooooooooooooo funny hahahahaha i <3 you faze

  94. RNG ExotiC111

    adam saleh or lil pump because ''Gucci gang''

  95. Sunset Rose

    👍🏼🔥 I love it you did so good for your 1st time 🔥

  96. Ayush Pandat

    Fabulous song

  97. NZ_KID_11

    You copied me beast

  98. Fraser Weller


  99. Fraser Weller