Double, double toil and trouble!
Team Saf:
Safiya Nygaard
Tyler Williams
Claire Wiley
Emily Linden
Lauren Marks

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  1. Luminous YT

    What if this was the songebob spa

  2. Rachel Colvin

    Bad Polish Science

  3. Guess Who

    Name it everything I mix looks like this

  4. Anna Cheng

    Complete credit to That One Fangirl 333, but you should totally do a video comparing results from and 23andMe and maybe a professional genealogist!

  5. ILove Corn

    I really want to bite those bars of soap,to be honest😂

  6. Amity Harrington


  7. DiarlettRose

    Apparently I am also a Gryffindor. I assumed I was a Hufflepuff and if not, I was sure I'd be a Slytherin

  8. Lisa Gonzalez

    The Ominous Orly Polish

  9. shawty


  10. ZeroGirl001

    Where did she get the bangs?

  11. Katlynn Foster

    The ball gown one is actually pretty nice especially when you took it out of the house

  12. Danny Gregoric

    My friends that used to make fun of me for listening to K-pop ask me if I know who BTS is... :/ plus I like K-rap better. Still love those BTS oldies though 👌🏻

  13. Little_0wl_

    My heart skipped a beat every time she mentioned TVXQ

  14. Lauren dyck


  15. Lily Giblin

    CAN YOU PIAT 100, 000 TREASS

  16. Lulu Love Playz

    (* ~*)

  17. Mary Limon


  18. Glenn oop

    Omg I love this video 😍♥️♥️

  19. Gracie Smith

    Safiya you should go to bath and body works and make a monster lotion !! I think it would be cool!! (EVERYONE LIKE SO SHE SEES)

  20. Sunggyu’s bangtan vest

    Franken nygaard

  21. Jana Stewart

    Love your "bat top"!! The nail polish turned out beautiful!

  22. Maddie O’Hara

    I’ve officially run out of your videos, I can’t binge anymore, and it makes me very sad

  23. kenziegriff


  24. Heather DeMolet

    SIMPLY SAFIYA!!!!!! That's what it should be named!

  25. Ever Watson

    i like to mauve it mauve it.

  26. Teschner

    After re-watching this video, I saw it was made on my birthday. Thanks Safiya!

  27. p m

    Nobody: … Crusty: *wheezes*

  28. retro raisin

    Okay but.. *Why are these so cute though?*

  29. Zinet Ahmed

    I thing the polish should be Franken polish

  30. Anony meows

    Can you make or try lip art?

  31. Isabella Jean

    Mauve along now, child

  32. Caitlin Gaming Gacha Tuber

    Mauvegly like Mogly

  33. lily-liver

    **wears microphone on head** **holds another microphone up to his mouth** i'm confused. is the headset just for show?

  34. Cookiez Mouster

    Can you PLEASEEEEEE do this again. Ive watched this like 10 times because i want you to do this again

  35. ChyVlogs

    maby Frainken-Nail

  36. Katie May

    I need to stop binging this channel at night... Its 1.30am (UK) and here I am again 😂😂. When it's in the pot mted it looks like "Draught of Living Death" (potion from Harry Potter)

  37. The Lonely Cat

    Fairy Berry or Cherry bomb or Hollo Mollo and lastly Mauva Lava

  38. That One Girl YT

    I think the comic book dood has scammed youuu

  39. Kinsey Pennington


  40. SarahJane

    Ok, That is the best shimmery browny taupe purple ever. Color Pop Collab again? You have 2 shades already. You just need 7 more for a 9 pan palette! Mix all neutrals together. Mix all colors together. Mix a bunch of each color together separately. Just ideas.

  41. Cara 2

    does anyone other than Saf actually use wish

  42. Sally Drake

    I was just thinking what would happen if you brewed tea in milk

  43. bruh idk

    Me and my allergies could NEVER

  44. lemon grass

    Seewhat ur bf thinks about if u dont ever want kids, then theres ur answer ;)

  45. Vela Nutella

    Just get cape robbin platform crocs

  46. Hayden C

    Call it the franken-polish

  47. Abigail Corlazzoli

    Train= Cape for your butt

  48. Kate Kate

    it’s so wierd when she says (ok) cause she lound like a machine and the tone i hate it.. but i like her a lot except when she says ok😂😂😂

  49. Blacklight Sparrow

    How about Franken orly or something...

  50. green Caulfield

    Today ive found my new career for $1/minute i will be a personal astrologist

  51. wolfywifefu uwu

    Franken blood :)

  52. Ashe Ketchup

    Name ideas: (Dr.) Mauvenstein Frankenstein's Mauvester

  53. kiriraganna

    To everyone still watching this video: 1) sheet masks are expensive and take a lot of natural resources because of their packaging, so do not use them every day. Just once a week should be enough, or sometimes twice, three times if you're having some specific skin problems. 2) DO NOT exfoliate your skin every day, and especially NOT two times a day! That's going to cause thinning of the skin, small scars, redness, itching... 3) And essence is basically a combination of a toner and a serum. If you want extra moisturizing treatment, you can use both an essence and a serum, but most of the time just doing one or the other is enough. 4) Spot treatments and ampoules and such are actually also considered as one step of the Korean skincare routine so they should be added if you ever need them. 5) The moisturizer cream is often replaced with facial oils, which are often much better for your skin than heavy creams. 6) There's no need to do this entire routine in the mornings at all. The double cleansing is there because of makeup removal, not because you need to do it every single time you wash your face. In the mornings, you can drop the products down to foam wash, toner, essence and spf, or drop foam wash too and simply wash your face throroughly with water that is first lukewarm and then cold. Sincerely, someone who's been doing 10-step skincare routines for 2 years now.

  54. Arin C

    name it Mauvester like monster as in frankenstin monster

  55. Nolle Queen

    Do this for ulta

  56. AlysonGlamour


  57. Gaby

    girl crush concepts literally make me go💓💗💓😡💗💓😡👊🏽💗💓😡

  58. Coral•Lazuli

    I just wanna have this now

  59. Vanessa Brunner

    The Franken Logical

  60. Serena Stanger

    It’s stronger,shiny, straight,no dandruff and soft

  61. Sean Moulton

    They just auctioned off my grandmas whole house I cried she is 96 the day we got home and guess what I had strep throat 🙁

  62. Paige Keenor

    Saf-wanna try this mint chocolate candle ....ya it’s good Ty-don’t eat candles kids Saf-do as I say, not as I do Me:ok 😂😂😂

  63. Anders Persson

    Mauve over bi*ch

  64. Grace O'Dacre

    Just started using mine for the 1st time and I use the ‘punch down fold’, which seems to work for me! :)

  65. •-{Starlight Studios}-•

    i thought this was a recent video 😂 i was like, where’s shane’s palette????

  66. dally dose of stupid

    I predict that Tyler will purpose to you at Disney Land next to the water fountain

  67. Meme Lord

    You should try the T-shirt graph again with more plastic rap on the edges owo

  68. its FAB

    heyyyyyyyy safiya nerdycrafter made you a bat go seee her vid

  69. Kay//

    I have an inflatable hot tube!! Mine looks most like the original one, but it has hella fancy made on seats and a made on base that is made of a hard plastic. Mine is also loud, but not quite as loud as yours is, ours is relatively ignorable once you get use to it. It was ridiculously expensive, but was bought by my dad's rich and eccentric family friend who gave it to my boyfriend and I when he decided he wanted a large, in ground hot tube. Highly recommend! I have no idea of the brand, but it's legit!

  70. Im PrettyCringey

    I wish they had this in canada I'm not a fan of nail Polish but sometimes I will love to make my own nail polish color

  71. Tori Renfroe


  72. MiniKawaiiWorld

    Hi. The name could be "On Mauve own!"

  73. Lane Ardoin

    Safiya when are your lipsticks coming back in stock. It is my birthday soon and I really want to buy the lipsticks with the money I get. Please respond to me

  74. Lexy Beer


  75. green Caulfield

    That 100k view guarantee wasnt kidding

  76. Crystal San Filippo

    Frankin red

  77. Jessie May

    The mauvership

  78. Alyssa Merceri

    Honestly you should just move to japan

  79. XxCaityWolfxX

    All of these jokes were so cheesy

  80. Anna L

    I'll bet Christine will LOVE that jacket saf.

  81. Princess Falcon

    How about....”all for one “ bnha fans you can spam me in the comments🤣

  82. golnaz tilavi

    Please sir, can I have some mauve?

  83. mun mun Das

    Berry perry

  84. Turtles are Stupid

    Now we need a GIANT mascara

  85. Nakura

    The polish should be named "O'rly, Franken?"

  86. A Friday With Hamsters

    Omg! I just calculated the average cost and it's £1755 OMG

  87. Sugar and Spice

    Already getting emotional 😭

  88. clurichaun

    frankenstein's mauve-ster

  89. Divya A

    I think you were right about not getting the actual credit for what you did bc if you didn't post this video I would not have known you did all the stuff behind the scenes of BuzzFeed or that you started Ladylike in the first place so this is good to know.

  90. aj surriga garcia

    i like to mauve it! mauve it!

  91. Keisha Fulson

    Say I to bts for me

  92. Moss Whisker

    The undergarment she used is actually boy short style

  93. Khanh Dang

    Me wanting to go there but realizing I’m lactose intolerant

  94. The Eevee Cauldron

    Saf: “Or my guess, ridiculously fashionable” Me: Or fashionably ridiculous.

  95. can i sing ?

    Suave as mauve

  96. Dina Goldstein

    hi sad my daughter loves you

  97. vinasu maaj

    I would call it “Bust a Mauve”

  98. Adin Vuong

    Name it Franken mauve

    1. vinasu maaj

      The movemother

  99. Kitty Cat


  100. Claire W

    I’m, for some reason, was happy when Claire said Here for Teal.