Double, double toil and trouble!
Team Saf:
Safiya Nygaard
Tyler Williams
Claire Wiley
Emily Linden
Mai Linh Nguyen
Josie Latino
Ben Chrobak-Prince

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  1. hcblue

    It look REALLY good! Gonna be honest, I was bracing for much worse 🤣❤️

  2. minxx _350

    Did anybody tell you that you look amazing in ponytails before? Because you absolutely do 👀😍

  3. I R

    Is it just me that has the urge to eat these all up?

  4. elines acevedo

    Did she say hithe instead of height? 😬😖

  5. Anna Sophia Groen

    simply is proud

  6. Brandi Mullins

    I love the guy's little side comments. I keep imagining him as a little cartoon head and caption at the bottom of the screen like you get in the tutorial phase of a Tales of {insert name here} RPG or something.

  7. Charlotte Harrison

    but like.... how is your fridge so empty???

  8. Lizz Johnson

    I love, "Hello friends" Some video suggestions, New house tour, quarantine observations, life as a newlywed, review of your videos over the years or a progression video of sorts. I love your videos!

  9. Tiddler -

    Cristine would probably be proud of your glitter choice

  10. Madison Diaz

    I think she used a panty liner

  11. Eva Ashworth

    Love the video saf but you shouldn’t be using palm oil as they destroy habitats off animals besides that I loved the video 😊❤️

  12. Lara Eber

    Looks very very very very much like J&J kitchen 😂😍

  13. Brandi Mullins


  14. Adrienne Gonzales

    She doesn't know how to get the last lil bit out#?!?!! Royalty Soaps shoutin! Scrapey scrapey!

  15. Vanessa Wolff

    I love the way how they word their words. Just soo elegant also sounds soo intelligent and is just soo intriguing to hear.😯❤️✨

  16. Lola Compton

    Yes!! I love this video!!!

  17. Taste and see Asmr

    She is so brave

  18. Aubrey Ridley

    If I saw u in this I would scream DEMONIZED!

  19. Anika Lidke

    These look amazing :)Really good job :D

  20. Miriam's Gaming Perspective

    I wanted to make soap once, but once I saw all the warnings.... I decided it would be better to leave it as something that is nice to look at but not touch lol

  21. Gracie Anderson

    I got an add in the middle advertising soap cupcakes and stuff like that

  22. Nat Harris

    I love how she's wearing the necklace from Simply

  23. Destiny Hamblett

    Being British and hearing you say cous cous makes me giggle

  24. Vlogging With WolfieGirl

    I've wanted to do stuff like this for years but never had the money to get what I needed. These look amazing though! You should be very proud of yourself, especially for your first time!

  25. Eirena Wen

    who thinks that safiya should be the bat pet of the queen of soap

  26. Senpai Cheesecake

    I got a nectar bath treats ad right before the video started

  27. PandaPlays

    Still mad she died in escape the night

  28. Jennifer Mello

    You should have just watched Marley and me

  29. Eleanor Powell

    Tyler hyping Saf up is the cutest thing I have ever seen

  30. Minty Mary

    the one question in my head is what the f*ck did y'all do with all that cake. How long would it take to eat all of that?

  31. Jem Draws

    U guys kind of reminded of iCarly Freddie and Carly 😍

  32. Moondust

    I hope the glitter is a specific type for soap making, gotta be safe to go down the drain!

  33. Izzi Pringlez

    Next frakensoap??????

  34. Normal'sWayOverrated

    They look so good! Your og soap had a couple of decent ones but I think apart from the icing placement (which was a little crooked but shaped great) they looked awesome!

  35. Mrs. Yes

    Kava means coffee in Polish 🇵🇱

  36. RylieHunter Slegh

    As soon as you took down your hair you looked like the lady from the Adams family not Wednesday but the mother. foreshadowing 🤣🤣

  37. Mrs. Gonzales

    "Cous cous, the food so nice they named it twice" .... Anybody else think of that when she said cous cous? When you know, you know 🍍🍍🍍🍍🚂🚂🚂🚂

  38. Hey Amy!

    "And idk I just rly wanna marry her" Everyone get you a tyler

  39. Nancy Peltola

    Tyler kinda looks like Fez from that 70's show

  40. Simona Končiutė

    I bet Cristine would try to eat those. Just say it has holo AND tea in it.

  41. Rine Dee

    I kind of wish they addressed how long they've been gone for

  42. Alexa Lewis

    The people who said 100k views Safiya casually gets 10m views

  43. Lynn Wasylkevych

    As always, your presentation was fun and entertaining. I look forward to the next one.

  44. Scotty2Hotty Plus

    Shop miss a really stepped up their game! I shop their all the time now!

  45. Edly Alvarez

    “Killer queen is the new Harley Quinn

  46. TheBodyguard13

    Safiya: Do not try to eat it Also Safiya: *mlem*

  47. bandana dose things

    Idk about other ppl but why was this video so fuking funny XD

  48. Myca Cumpston

    I haven’t watched for a hot sec and you talk so slow now wtf

  49. Brittany Dugger

    I come back to this video more often than I realize, especially now that they're married haha 🥰

  50. Muzarrah Chisty

    Can’t believe it’s been an year

  51. Cool guy Gamer

    I love how she says alrrrright

  52. luise luise

    oh i thought neat dude is her merch too lol

  53. Deedra Nott

    “I love your look. What are you wearing?” ..... “everything”

  54. Phe RBLX

    Waaa- Waaa- WAALUIGIII

  55. J& M

    Tyler I have the same plantar flashy -itis and I’m finally getting the surgery for it

  56. LovelyRxses

    Oh god the fact that some made hand soap into a cupcake- that’s Tea

  57. Milkaby

    Who also got Tyler's HIMYM reference at 28:28?

  58. Georgia Blackler

    12:43 *lumpy space princess*

  59. Idontlikemyself

    As pretty as it makes the soap cupcakes, holo glitter really shouldn't go down the drain. I hope it was biodegradable.

  60. its jamie

    24:31 me after I receive my tests scores

  61. x129ual

    As a guy, this video scares me lol. Looks so complicated

  62. Cartas al Viento

    Tyler supporting Saffiya the whole time is goals

  63. cute pinky

    You reminded about that one time when I was little...I ate soap ...then vomited it without telling my mom to this day Great times I was gonna die ;>

  64. egle LT

    Saf: uploads another soap making video me: oh Safiya...

  65. really regular

    At a point my ears gave in And I heard them call the soap queen "mammary" 👀😕

  66. P. Marouf

    Those cupcakes look really great, I wouldn't be able to pull that off even after x amount of soaping ʘ‿ʘ

  67. ꧁ Møcha Tea ꧂

    Next time invite Rosanna Pansino over so she can make the swirlies

  68. Alishba Akbar

    Why you are always wearing black? Any video with colourful clothes?

  69. ꧁ Møcha Tea ꧂

    Step 1: Actually Have Patience

  70. Phoebe Coyne

    Do they not sell eyeshadow or did you just not buy it?

  71. Franz Lim

    I kinda lowkey want that pants🤣

  72. Jabby The Hot

    Whoa, Nile Red is in this video?! Nice!

  73. lindsay Berke

    Safia: hand sanitizer don’t need that People in 2020: skreeeeeeeeeeeeeeccccchhhhhhhh

  74. Tiffany Felkner

    As a cold process soap maker, I want to say...You did Awesome!

  75. Tianna Schlabach

    These are legit so cute, you did such a good job with them!

  76. Sarah Marz

    was anybody else turned on when bruce said 'that's good" in Finding Nemo.........???👀

  77. ashley Thompson

    Why am i so dumb..everytime saf says WAH i think super mario

  78. Anneide

    Bro that's sick. I love this.

  79. Aaleyah Holt

    Your boyfriend Curse to much

  80. Mint Roblox

    Period is only 2-2/1 days long ✌️

  81. Leanne Martin

    the consecutive "oh sh**"s got me. Then the "oh FU**"s followed.

  82. Susan Kato

    I am newish to youtube and have watched a few videos here and there, but I must say that I really enjoy your content... like, a lot haha. For the first time, I found myself going to a UKselrs channel just to watch all the other videos created, even if the content wasn't anything I was initially interested in. You do a very good job with editing! Your videos are super clean and void of any unnecessary "sharing" like some of those makeup tutorials where it takes them 10 minutes to finally get going. I love that you get right into it with the added research to back up your content (big thumbs up). I especially appreciate it when making references to shows like the Office or How I met Your Mother by adding a little clip to help the audience get it... But I already got it because I love those shows too ;). You and Tyler share a lot of similarities between my husband and I, in that he supports me the same, is loving, easy-going, and a good looking Asian haha :) Most of all, I feel like I'm watching a way cooler version of us haha. I really dig your vibe and hope to see more videos like this and bad makeup science soon!

  83. Brooklyne Hein

    I kept forgetting that these were soap

  84. UseForMisc UseForMisc

    Finally, someone's nails are as messed up as mine😔

  85. Katlyn Rose Anne

    Why does that soap loOK SO DELICIOUS

  86. carol saenz

    Her next video will be frankinsoap lol I hope

  87. I was cool once

    If Anne is the soap queen Safiya the soap lady in waiting?

  88. Whoever I'm Not

    Did anyone else forget she moved houses 😂

  89. Ria D'costa

    Safiya: soap is made of oil and lye and can burn your skin Also Safiya: WASHES HANDS WITH IT

  90. Chellu Mnzava

    24:33-36 was probably the funniest

  91. Karishma Rawat

    Ahhh this video was so satisfying to watch 😍

  92. Sicily Moneé

    Love your vids Safiya !

  93. Wiktoria Wasik

    i love how their wedding was so unique and based on their interests. this was beautiful.

  94. Lolitzwif X

    I forgot what this video was and thought she was making real holo cupcakes and I wondered why cristine hasn’t already bought edible holo And then I realised they’re soap

  95. Jasmine kuwonu

    “Why are you so defeated” “I don’t know” Me to myself

  96. Jesse_ U

    I wanna know the story behind the "rogue" Sriracha bottle 👀

  97. Gillian Abrams

    i wish those were edible if they were real cupcakes they would be delicious lol

  98. Laura Simons

    Good job