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  1. Etric

    Why is nobody talking about the motorcycle not falling in the manhole

  2. Diego De Abreu

    We want Monster Inc 3

  3. Arif Faisal

    Wish I could do what was said in the beginning but with the economy now it's not gonna happen anytime soon

  4. Toshi

    This music is soooooooo good !!

  5. lawrence lewis

    The sweetest Movie i have ever seen....once in a life time i get to watch such a sweet movie "Coco"😍

  6. Ashby Ashby

    No idea what's this is about?

  7. Frogwell

    Dude what happened to the critic happened to me. I was a fancy restaurant on Christmas for a work party that the boss paid for. We were allowed in early Cause the boss knew the workers. When I ordered the sword fish I expected just an ordinary fish... and when I took a bite, it was absolutely... divine. My mind was absolutely blown. I had no idea food can taste so delightful and... perfect. Everyone was laughing at me cause of the face I made when I took that first bite but I didn’t care. The only thing that existed in that moment was the food and me... I’ll never forget.

  8. RK724

    - A main character who's not a child/teen/young 20 something - Beautiful animation (a given) - Oooh musicians (ya like jazz?) *I'm interested!* - man turns into a blue...thing *I'm suddenly not interested!*

  9. PigDen

    What if you wanted to see a realistic movie But Pixar said: 0:50

  10. Stuart Njalika

    How could motorcycle pass through that manhole

  11. Hitman

    Pixar always amazed me

  12. FreeDahTruth

    This took me through too many emotions for it being 2 oclock in the morning...

  13. Ozbully Morales

    I was worried this movie would just be about jazz.

  14. Mubashir Mahi

    I'm gonna love this!

  15. Ging Bolos


  16. hyperwave7

    Manhole: I’m about to end this mans whole career.

  17. Biomorph

    Mulan=Chinese Pocahontas=American Moana= Hawaiian Coco=Mexican Soul=Black-american Disney/Pixar loves to see the stories of all people. Even if some stories are inaccurate.

  18. Johanna M

    You know who can beat this guy? Francesco Bernoulli! He is a F1 car. F1 cars can go over 300 mph. Ohh, and I almost forgot just google Cars 2 Francisco Bernoulli, and in the fandom it says his top speed is 220 mph making him faster then Jackson

  19. DRIXER999

    I bet frozone will appear as an Easter egg

  20. DuraDigi

    Let’s see that covers the blacks I guess a Asian Pixar movie is next😂

  21. Red Fox

    This is the type of stuff they need in disney world

  22. Sandy 46

    Such a great message!!

  23. olimario

    Punk'd but gayer That was the pitch for this

  24. monika naomi

    The music is somethin' !!! Loveeee it 💙💙💙

  25. Litt Mudkip

    I’m a pigeon

  26. Ice Sensei

    he sounds familiar with the channel name "meet arnold"

  27. 15k subs with 1 video?

    Beginning of trailer: normal movie Me: nahhh Almost the end of the trailer: not normal movie Me: um ok IKnownItABadJoke:(

  28. Kimchi Samurai

    Did he just die?

  29. Magi +

    Of course inside out and coco and up it all conbimes

  30. weirdproq1

    So, where's the Pizza Planet truck?

  31. Emily M.

    I mean.. I'M excited for it

  32. Kingdom Khan

    First 52 Seconds: Wow I might watch this. 0:53 -Nevermind

  33. Random Guy!

    First 40 seconds : Woah, this actually looks pretty good! Next 10 seconds : _nevermind._

  34. Tjake123 •

    Don’t think I didn’t see that secret life of pets easter egg

  35. Tyler Lashkari

    Imagine next that they make a movie about cells😆

  36. Sana the Sanake

    He sounds like Nick Fury.

  37. Vegito Blazer

    I’m about to start World War lll because of that manhole

  38. Bailon Family

    Turbo 2 looks neat

  39. Anna Banana

    I’m crying bc we have a pitbull. We got her when she was a baby and she’s so friendly. I’m so glad she’s never expirenced this pain. Poor babies.

  40. brandess sorrels


  41. Faris Rahadian

    Maybe we need to make GOD after this haha

  42. Xd Grenion

    Man why’d u recommend me this now

  43. TheChainHound

    Finally some original movie

  44. Aaron Turner

    As a black man, I appreciate this.

  45. ThunderBlastvideo

    The best part in the entire movie

  46. clarie91s

    I so wanna watch this!!! But I don’t have Disney+... 😩😩

  47. Daniel Saladbar

    bruh this wouldve been a dope jazz movie

  48. Ateez TeeHee

    So there's no villain👌

  49. peter bowyer climb

    Me: so Disney finally made a meaningful powerful inspiring movie Manhole:*well yes but actually no*

  50. sleepy dreamer

    Soul looks excellent then it looks stupid.

  51. [Insert Name]

    they had us in the first half not going to lie

  52. Nah Nimations


  53. Nah Nimations

    I love that cowboy dance lol

  54. Jeff Delong TV

    Well I guess I have watch it on redbox because Disney taking their movies away from Netflix

  55. Ron Mathew Joe

    Its an ANIMATED movie. Of course it isn't gonna be a normal movie about music. What did y'all expect?

  56. Frosty Clown

    the cowboy dance is not from a cowboy it is from a clown

  57. Parker Sanders


  58. trxll lito

    Nobody: Pixar: oxygen 2021

  59. Erica Davis

    Is that ajr I hear?

    1. Drew Petrie

      Erica Davis Ajr is the best

  60. Aaleyah Sanez

    Omg my heart🤧😓😭

  61. Kween ofJ.A.C.z

    ALCS the people if they should make a movie called finding marlon

  62. Flick or Treat Productions

    1:20 - That perfectly sums up mine and a lot of other people's reactions after seeing the second half of the trailer.

  63. Steven Lee

    1) 0:46 How did the motorcyclist not fall into the manhole? 2) 0:33 Those are not the correct chords being played to the music (sounds more like FCEA to EBDG, not FACE to EGBD shown). 3) 0:33 Also doesn't really make sense to unnecessarily go from pointer finger to thumb for his left hand so awkwardly

  64. Adam brown

    Guys why are you judging so much, it’s literally the first trailer, you don’t even know the plot

  65. Krispey Bowl

    Pixar why didn't you make any black yarn women Unbeweavable

  66. LegenzOfLambeau

    I want to be a director for horror movies or write books and i thought about this title and is “ music of anger” is that a good title ?

  67. эlina

    can we talk about ajr and how I love them n theirs music

  68. Aaron Ludwig

    The cowboy dance thing was forced.

  69. Withered Apricot

    This looked absolutely fantastic until I saw the Inside Out vibe

  70. Sullivan and Mike and pals

    Hey what about her bugs life!?!?! 😡😡😡

  71. Sullivan and Mike and pals

    What if you put the whole video

  72. Dalia Tadros

    For those who know what song is playing in the background give this a like



  74. Mlgm 8984

    “Dont waste your time on all that junk stuff” Me: Quits trailer in the second 00:57

  75. Jr Deleon

    The moment the cat scratched the dogs nose. And the dog looked even more sad... yeah, I’m crying in the club.

  76. harley crave

    *Sees inside out reference* Ima bout to head out

  77. AzxHawaiian

    Mmk buddy, you reeled me in with ajr’s music then gave me a mentally unstable ghost who does a dance

  78. Sr Oozma

    Today’s Nov. 12 :)

  79. William Ordeman

    Inspirational movie with great atmosphere and a plot about a man finding his passion for soul and jazz:... Insideout producers: I’m about to ruin this mans whole career

  80. Makuta Depresserix

    They stole stole the sentient pants from the podcast Dungeons and Daddies: Dads in the forgotten realms

  81. Fernando Perez

    This is so pure

  82. rawnak

    Finally an original

  83. AJ

    Looked great until the manhole part. I won't be watching it now.

  84. Molly Smith

    I bet 70 bucks he’s gonna be that blue thing for at least 75% of the movie.

  85. Parallax

    Why does everyone want this to be another generic 'struggling artist's struggles story?

  86. Arif Ridwan Abriyanto

    that motorcycle driver so good he didnt fall in the hole..

  87. Rushikesh Aher

    Who think that he looks like Steve harvey

  88. Nicholas Stanforth

    0:22 me at school

  89. Scott Backman

    Beautiful!!! Thank you for sharing!

  90. Mr BlueSky

    1995-What if toys had feelings? 2006-What if Cars had feelings? 2007-What if rats had feelings? 2015-What if feelings had feelings? 2020- What if black people had feelings?

  91. adult man

    I think his last reaction at the end sums up all our feelings on the blue people

  92. Dr. Trousers

    AJR represented in the trailer I see. The song is called OVERTURE. Very good song.


    /): Hmmm

  94. Gino Peñaflor

    The Graphics is amazing.

  95. Rebecca Nagel

    So pumped that the music in this trailer is by my Favorite band of all time: AJR

  96. Jhonny Ramdo

    Honestly, seems interesting

  97. Khent Moraca


  98. aGladiator Speaks

    I love how his name is joe

  99. VSP creations

    Best moviemaker soul waiting of trailer

  100. Pop Corn

    Demonios porque tengo que llorar cuando tengo que llorar cuando llegó al final