For every question that they field from host Sean Evans, guests must join him in eating a progressively spicy chicken wing.
The Burger Show explores everything about modern burger culture through the eyes of Eggslut chef, Alvin Cailan.
Joji and Rich Brian are celebrating the summer by partying in L.A. and are determined to feed their friends by any means necessary.
Discover untold stories from the culinary world’s most exciting personalities in First We Feast’s James Beard Award-winning Food Skills.
Food Grails, explores America’s underground food icons through the eyes of reporter Miss Info.
We dive headfirst into the delicious world of Japanese comfort cooking. Hosted by UKsel star and anime pro Reina Scully

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  1. Collin Mintz

    Hey Halle, you want to know what happens when an actress who plays a mutant eats spicy wings? Same thing that happens to everyone else

  2. Dark Warrior

    It's best to have brain injuries before the age of 16. It isn't fully formed yet and can heal and recover, after that you get permanent damage. I mean it's best not to have them at all but younger is better.

  3. Dooo Gaming

    Pete is probably my favorite person ever also uncut gems was decent joker was trash but big time adolescence was great

  4. elgiacomo

    Nothing like snorting lines of Da Bomb Beyond Insanity while watching Hot Ones episodes. Especially ones that don't feature this "special" sauce. #fillingthegap #sinusinfection

  5. Maralynne

    Whats this one? Its the son of Zombie. Grand.

  6. Dusk Dovahkiin

    Wait till Neil learns of the Manga/Anime Dr. Stone

  7. Josess999

    I know one day filthy frank will break out of joji and make the greatest fucking Comeback the world has ever seen

  8. crippledbich420

    Am i tripping or is that yonkers in the background

  9. Josh Reineke

    You said it yourself - SF has, or had the best burritos, when mortals could afford to live there. A Mission burrito pre-1990? It’s worst days were better than LAs best.

  10. mizz smiley

    Choked me up when they showed Ashton, Mila & Kobe. RIP. 🙏

  11. shar


  12. Vapers jawaa

    Indomie mie nya indonesia

  13. Geoff Whittles

    fuckin brilliant spin on cuba lol

  14. mlsaulnier

    that fruit shirt

  15. Brandon Beavers

    "in those days i hung out with bad guys, we mugged a hooker."

  16. J Higgs

    All you have to do is add mustard to that first burger and it's literally Freddy's Steakburger.

  17. cityhustleHD

    Marshawn from North Oakland! Bruh DGAF about no boughie ass burger. TOWN BIDNESS

  18. C Fortier

    Vaseline is petroleum Lmao

  19. Matthew Anderson

    Everything was done perfectly by the police/ swat it's what usually happens!

  20. James Shelley

    I clicked on this just to see Russel Brand in pain.

  21. Andy yang

    Image if Gordon just shout out "Its fucking raw!"

  22. John Cagle

    I think this guy likes burgers.

  23. lalalalalal

    he is such a down to earth guy i love him

  24. Dineth the man

    It’s FilthyFrank ************, It’s FilthyFrank *****.

  25. CASE

    He swang

  26. Matthew Anderson

    Justin rose is the best btw. Lol this is so fun to watch!!! Jt is a PIMP lol!

  27. Gord Sand

    the middle finger was important to shoot arrows in the middle ages

  28. random guy siege tips in quarantine adminstratio

    He's got shit tattoos

  29. Brian Bayliss

    in n out forever and always. Dbl Dbl w onion and chopped chilies. Best burger I’ve ever had.

  30. Tabitha Harrison

    8:33 he sounded irish-

  31. Kim Free

    Were not insignificant, maybe you think you are

  32. Kim Free

    Sounds like Neil is getting drunk off hot sauce.

  33. Anthony Navarro

    Glad you're still with us after all that. As for foreign films, check out "Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance"

  34. Alexa Claire

    Justin is a legend

  35. floyd tolliver

    When will you have Shahina Waseem the UK hot pepper Champion on your show?

  36. Blaaar 45

    snorts a fat line of milk

  37. Sammy time

    The fucks with the music. It goes from INTENSE to fuckin chill. And then to FUCKIN intense. Then to chill again. Like PICK ONE. UGHHHHH

  38. Laura Leone

    I smiled the whole video.

  39. Katrina McMeans

    "I don't know" is the best answer for things we don't know.

  40. Thrasher Thrasher

    I had to stop just over a minute in because of the owner

  41. Jen Huffine

    They did pretty good considering all that heat

  42. Cliff Leatherby

    Rockford Illinois loves first we feast ;)

  43. Blaaar 45

    Bets on if he is 9 or 49

  44. 5Bigfoots

    Maisie is so cute

  45. Ture Vedin

    4:59 sadly not true anymore...

  46. Megan Miller

    I love the way he just shows Sean his teeth out of nowhere, followed by “I like the way you talk.” I feel like he’s an alien being and he’s still learning how to be human.

  47. Aaron Oliva

    bruuuh, we startin' the video with rich brian simping??? smh

  48. Violet Moon Wolf

    Davids taller than me. IM 5'5 AND HE'S 5'10 WTF.

  49. Brandon McManis

    You're a pampas ass who thinks too highly of yourself. But I respect you sir.

  50. Luca Quadri

    Matty is the jack black of the kitchen man 🤣

  51. Generik

    I'm just going to say this for the record. If you cook you actually cook your food properly it should NEVER bleed. The only excuse you have for food that still bleeds after cooking is if your a cavemen cooking over an open fire. Otherwise your food should be brown and cooked to completion with no blood oozing out.

  52. Matt Stone

    mad dog tastes really good, but it smells like nursing home pizza sauce

  53. Drredstone7

    How do you handle the HEAT One word Miami

  54. Drredstone7

    it’s back up my favorite basketball player

  55. Evelin Huszar

    Who else is out here watch during quarantine? Hah

  56. R

    Sean how did you feel about the “I can’t” girl on hot ones. Your face was priceless when she lost all control from the wing hotness.

  57. Kendall Stauffer

    I don't get it guys, I am not a fan of this man.

  58. Bryan Evans

    “I’m starting to like you Sean” “I would hold that thought” Fuck you Sean 😂😂

  59. Laura Prada Lara

    Take care of your heart, take care of your brain 👏

  60. Snapchatghost5 Killer

    17:14/Billie Eilish:I can’t I can no no I Can’t SpongeBob:I don’t need it I don’t need it!

  61. Eduardo Valencia

    Sunny his name is Sunny

  62. Liam McNicholas

    I personally give honeydew a decent to strong 8.

  63. Ayoob Knight

    You can't say *"American Dream"* without *Eric Andre* in the middle

  64. Riley-Reads-Books

    If you haven't yet you should join the cult and watch The Boondock Saints, I love that movie so much. I gotta say it's really nice having these videos just getting to know you, could we also have some on the rest of the team behind the show?

  65. cxrlos.

    Fuck juice

    1. jacksonboi 318


  66. Quantum 18

    Yo who tf gave Gordon Ramsay breast milk mac n cheese?

  67. LeonAndFriends

    Yo shoutout to Kel's son who would buy 5 mumbo sauces if they were in stores

  68. Suhhh Dude

    one of my favorite guests so far


    People who don’t know the secret is crab 🦀

  70. Paige Rosner

    Noodling video is 10/10!

  71. RED BEAR

    "Oh water doesn't work"

  72. Will LaHue

    Hands down my favorite episode

  73. Gman ThePianoMan

    Is no one gonna talk about how much pepto bismal he downed?🤣

  74. Mark Lanston

    What’s with the emotional and inspirational music... this mans annoying as fuck. Also don’t get me started about him saying he’s never taken an L. He’s the definition of L

  75. Lil uzi Vert

    Kneesdown eating that shit up

  76. Stefan Funkhouser

    Dear god call that man an ambulance!

  77. Gunshinzero

    For some reason in my head it still feels like Christy Romano is his sister.

  78. tino van der zwan phono cave!

    the whole Hayao Miyazaki thome of movies as far a Japanese good anime is concerned.

  79. michael edward

    who would have thought when bill said get rid of all the bad cops at 2018 we would be where we are at june 1st 2020 with the death of george floyd R.I.P .. much love from hamilton ontario canada

  80. Georgio Cherfane

    First RIP juice world second of all why tf does he dress like a legend in 2k20 in park but can’t make a bucket

  81. Gunshinzero

    At first I was thinking 100M signing bonus and thought he was tripping. Screw that advance crap.

  82. Gabriel B.

    16:20 JAJA XD

  83. Gary Tran

    Glad to know that I'm not the only one who immediately touches their ear when they touch something hot.

  84. Xx_Xx_Pu55y d35tr0y3r 6969_xX_xX

    Anthony was trying too hard to sound like a foodie.

  85. camaro Carl

    Ok the fat dude needs an intervention.

  86. Sama Shrestha

    Jack black is the BEST !!! Lmao

  87. Chayton Kattermann

    The like to dislike ration it's in Sane

  88. Quedrodresan1235

    The sound editing is just awesome

  89. Boov

    26:42 the pain is real hahahaha

  90. Ser Kel

    I’m only here because I saw Rich Brian in one of BA’s episodes. 😂

  91. King Tut

    Watching this now with him coughing and knowing covid is rampant is so difficult

  92. Carina Carter

    She's adorable

  93. tino van der zwan phono cave!

    tobacco has a bad name as a drug and rightly so but as a smoke additive, it's just as fine as wood smoke also hanging the peppers in my smoking room you can dry them slowly so that the pulp/meat ferments when the pepper is slowly dried you need to split it open to check on it some white mold is ok grey and black mold are bad toss those out! A they taste bad and make you sick B the white mold is the lactose type mold you find on Bree/camembert cheese and french suet sausage black spots on the outside are ok as long as there's white mold on the inside, not black mold. no need to ferment your peppers they have already been through that while drying. for making the hot sauce the bare bones are, add a view fresh peppers in the mix just the very minimum of water (add the water first in the pan and add rosemary and olive oil) and keep adding small amounts of water when it starts to go dry off the smell of the steaming peppers is bad more like cardboard than peppers. add lemon and lime peels and let it simmer for a time then add some tomato flesh not the seed parts for the lemon and lime peels you needed to juice the lemons and limes so, keep the juice the whole cardboard tomato smelling mass has been simmering for half an hour now add a cup of your choice of good vinegar and let it go for another half hour add no sugar well you could but then you will have to skip adding 4 tablespoons of tomato ketchup then take the heat off after 10 minutes and either blend it or use the hand mixer pour the mash in a strainer and stir with a spoon or spatula until the skins and seed parts are like a clay ball the mash in the pan below the strainer should look like very thick ketchup now wile stile piping hot add the lemon and lime juice and you have just made a delicious hot sauce from slowly dried tobacco smoke fermented peppers that keeps for quite a while in re-used hot sauce bottles. ps use gloves at all steps I and even wash your gloved hand's in-between steps ( in the safety of touching your face accidentally!) I made cayenne pepper powder once with bare hands and then went to the toilet!................................................... ps I am a man.

  94. Carina Carter

    I don't wanna swallow. The best line.

  95. y

    Chili Klaus is savage

  96. Patryk Kubicki

    2:45 Welcome to the Church of What's Happening Now Kristen :D

  97. William Magee

    Having Kanye on Hot Ones would literally be the greatest thing ever

  98. Sonia Anastasia

    How did she not break once on this 😂😅

  99. Roger Anglin

    She is the Epitome of Sexy-Scary.