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  1. silver-id

    Do something about cheaters ubi you have no idea the amount of point i lost because of them...

  2. FlightlessRobin

    Rage out and say the game is terrible then completely change your mind when ubi offers you money.

  3. yazan badran

    He sounds like he is doing a presentation

  4. The Last Feelbender

    Is it gonna have a ps4 release?

  5. Victor Hugo

    I really miss that might and magic toy figures game that was discontinued

  6. blasphemy

    I heard rumors of doc getting his acog removed glad thats not a thing

  7. EvoOwO

    Ubi please stop with the duplicate black ice and legendary items!!!

  8. Der Nerz

    No new weapons, huh

  9. Carlos Garcia

    I don't think zofia's and ela's change was needed. I personally thought the effect was reasonably realistic as you shouldn't be able to keep movement speed because otherwise their gadgets just become glorified flash bangs.

  10. Ammar XD

    This is one of my favorite updates of all time 👌

  11. LingoJam

    Look how they massacred my boy... did anyone even want house reworked??

  12. Roan


  13. colon hansen

    I really hope castle isn’t loosing his impact grenades

    1. Wyzard

      He probably will since he has the shotty now

  14. Raven

    its kinda funny how this game is spot on with todays events lmfao

  15. Alexander Lee

    I just realized that the crashed truck on this map looks like optimus prime


    Ubisoft this is a good move to get more people to watch

  17. Chuzika PaThoLogiC

    guys all do like for this game!

  18. Avi Veerasingham

    Me in the future: *Builds my future house exactly like the map*

  19. GreenGeko Dragos96

    I came here to spread the proffecy of "Prince of persia- Redemption" Some likes for the cause, let this be seen by many

  20. Colin Low


  21. psychotic Senpai

    Dud i get a kill while i was hit by Echos drone its not that hard to focus

  22. mayen madit

    I honestly think Kali never should’ve had a sniper, a new AR or maybe a reused gun would’ve made her so much better.

    1. David Margulies

      mayen madit while it may not fit the siege meta, i have way too much fun with her CSRX. i love it honestly

  23. 0509 Gaming

    When is the update comming? Im still waiting

    1. GNL 2006

      June 16

  24. stas Ž.

    Smoke+proximity alarm would be a nice buff

  25. 909MeronHyena

    Petition to bring Acs12 back to normal.

  26. Richard Alcubilla


  27. BallerSwagBro9K

    Yeye but when my boi Chanka getting his Problem Deleter?

  28. G G



      هلا أنا أتابعك أنت محترف كثيرا

  29. Kerem KILINÇ

    Okaaaay, now then Ela and Zofia's gadgets are useless (thanx again ubi)

  30. Suleiman Shah

    The Islamic and general religious imagery of this game is beautiful :)

  31. Mustafa Rami

    0:19 warden be like when ying flashes

  32. BenjiBeatzz

    I love how people still cannot pronounce kaid correctly to this day

    1. Joseph Zaragoza

      So many people argue that it's pronounced kade. They sound so white

  33. Joshua Garza

    operation destroy so much utility can't wait

  34. when ur not creative

    i think solos might be fun for r6 but idk

  35. F3lipe 21

    why did I get the video is inappropriate

  36. Smiley Letsplay

    They made ACS12 stronger than tcsg12 and made it shoot faster

  37. Kürt Stevenson

    U know I pre order the collector's edition

  38. amodestmouseful

    FIX NOW~~~~~!!!!!! An error occurred. Please try again later. (Playback ID: 9Ay3w6ZYb4JYMnc7)

  39. Viktor Stoimenov

    Operation: Ban people for using a live wallpaper.

  40. Jet Black Storm

    Me:im done with this game now Echo and Dokkaebi elite: Hi allow us to introduce ourselves

  41. xZ-Void_- V

    I cant wait!!!

  42. T-B0ne

    I don’t believe anyone knows the name of the music at 1:54?

  43. Jet Black Storm

    After seeing Dokkaebi and Echo’s elite, I might actually start playing this game again

  44. An old Bandit

    So when are we geting that trachanka rework?

  45. Fabricio Damián Islas Olivares

    Caveira will be scary AF

  46. Lirus_Mania

    Where news of bgae2?

  47. 77pali

    Too bad we have to pay again. :(

  48. Jason Dress

    Notice me ubi daddy

  49. Mr Benzene

    Caviera has that face when she's banned for being used at ranked matches 1:00

  50. TheCrazykids777

    This is so cool!! And they got Yo_Boy_Roy yo narrate!!

    1. Wiz Dom


  51. HezziVertical

    Litt a video with actual updates

  52. Dead Lord


  53. Danny T.

    If they get slugs 🐌 they should also get ACOG

  54. SilentEcho

    Why replace echo's shield with impacts? its basically the same thing that happened to maestro

    1. blurryperson

      It's because at higher level play those shields are extremely strong

  55. Weronna

    They made a very good game, I look forward to it :)

  56. Ticked

    steel wave looks like a new operation skull rain

  57. Elijah Rodriguez

    Why does it say there is only 8 comments?

  58. DankSlavic Memer


  59. Quack -

    What day in season 2?

  60. mljacko gamer

    When is new season coming

    1. MasterMind_

      @Mitch Mcglynn that would be a perfect birthday present for me 😂

    2. Mitch Mcglynn

      June 16th. That’s an extra week on top of the normal 3 weeks. Don’t listen to the guy saying July 🤦🏼‍♂️

    3. Michael

      They said 1 week longer than normal for the TTS so my guess would be late June/Early July

    4. mljacko gamer

      @MasterMind_ yes

    5. MasterMind_

      You mean on the live servers?

  61. Anthony Cortes

    So does the grzmot mines change affect console or just mouse and keyboard?

  62. Christopher Farley


  63. Christopher Farley


  64. Joekinggiant74

    This commentary gives me Machinima vibes..

  65. The Federal Bureau of Investigation

    kali still has the cz75 so i don't see why you say you love the gun, even though you can still use it... no hate pls

    1. The Federal Bureau of Investigation

      Smiley Letsplay sig always makes the best pistols

    2. Smiley Letsplay

      im not bug fan of removing her p226 mk5 handgun, just because two reasons (one personal one statwise) 1) I have Black ice for it 2) SAS handgun is statistically one of the most powerful hanguns in r6..

  66. Nathan Gonzalez

    5th coment

  67. Christopher Farley

    love this

  68. Klamsy72

    Did you add the drug reference warning after you released finka ?

    1. Skacalaca

      It's been in the game since the start bro, remember bandits operator intro?

  69. Nya Tomodachi

    I'm gonna play this while the national guard cleans up those disgusting "protestors" - criminals who loot and kill.

  70. Anne Simmons

    Everything they are doing to echo stupid

  71. Max Stork


  72. Ian Tango

    Ayeee gigem congrats @yo_boy_roy

  73. luke cage


  74. TyIsAngered

    steel wave baBY

  75. Noble Society

    Nice content, keep it up bro 🙏

  76. SocialBounty Money Making App

    i really like your content nbC1

  77. Keegan Wustrack

    Thanks roy

  78. sketti

    Rainbow *Fix* Siege

    1. Abdullah M.

      🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 BEST ONE I HEARD YET

  79. TomTomThirtyTwo

    I’m very excited for the new season!!

  80. lilxvoodoox 666

    cool lmfao